Saturday, June 09, 2007

What makes a Peep a Peep?

What is it that makes a Marshmallow Peep so darn peepy? Is it the shape? No. It is that they are marshmallows with sugar stuck to them. Then how can Marshmallow Peeps Lollipop Rings and Marshmallow Peeps Chick and Bunny Candy bear that wonderful name?

I got these candies from inside of an enormous plastic Peep over Easter. The container holds three bags of Chick and Bunny Candy, one Lollipop Ring, and a strip of Marshmallow Peeps stickers.

The Lollipop Rings are similar to Ring Pops, except all fruit flavor is excluded. Instead, we are left with a hard piece of candy that tastes like pure sugar. The consistency is the same as your traditional lollipop. If you bite it, it will splinter and potentially cut your mouth. The Peeps 'pop is smaller than, say, a Ring Pop, and it is in an awkward shape that is not conducive to sucking. In fact, because it's so small it's almost impossible to get it into an adult-sized mouth. Is it good? Yeah. But you might as well go for a lollipop that has a specific flavor. Or just eat a packet of sugar.

The Chick and Bunny Candy has exactly the same flavor as the Lollipop Ring. It's the consistency that's different. Think of them as SweetTarts without the Tart. You take a bite and you're left with a mouth full of grainy candy. Not good, but they seemed a little more snackable than the Lollipop Rings, probably because of their size and plenitude.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more run-of-the-mill candy. Look elsewhere.

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Pictures taken from GroovyCandy and i-Mockery via Google Image Search.

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