Monday, June 11, 2007

The Pinnacle of my hiking experience

Today some friends and I hiked to The Pinnacle, an amazing overlook on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania. The view was great (see picture), the hike was fairly easy (8.5 miles round trip), and I got some sun. Nice.

I have my first-ever job interview in a few days, and I am not sweating it. I am playing games. Eurogames. They are just like regular board games, except from Europe (and generally a bit more complicated, involving strategy and higher level thinking, as opposed to random chance).

Richelieu is a really simple card game in which you have to remove cards from the end. You have to collect as many cards as possible from each group, as well as some symbols and tokens. I can't be bothered to explain it to you. I caught on fairly fast and would recommend it. More info here.

Fantasy Pub is a card game that involves drinking as many beers as possible. Once you hit thirteen beers, you win and are considered the player with the "deepest throat." Sexy. The more game-beers you drink, the harder it is to move your characters from card to card.

I do not drink beers, but I would imagine this game would be fun to play as a drinking game (albeit with slightly altered rules to disallow alcohol poisoning). I will allow myself to drink gamebeers, where you just flip a token over. Fairly fun and a little harder to get a hang of. More info here.

Qwirkle is a very, very, very easy game. It is also American. Basically, it's Scrabble with colors, shapes, and patterns, and it's pretty much luck. This is the first time I ever beat my friend Brad at anything. It is, by default, my favorite game ever because of this fact. More info here.

Either that or Trivial Pursuit. Or Monopoly. Or Battleship. Or Scattergories. I like Amerigames.

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