Thursday, June 07, 2007

Exercising the Demons

Back in the swing of things with exercise. The new routine starts with a 7:30am swim at my gym's pool. Then a jacuzzi break and a sauna break. After that, it's off to run on the treadmill. Then some light weightlifting.

I feel fairly good. For too long I've almost felt myself get pudgier as I was lethargic. I've noticed some of the paunch go away already, after only three days.

And if you were wondering how I could somehow tie in a video game review: every night right before I go to bed is phase 2 of the exercise cycle. I turn on the Wii News Channel Slideshow and do an abdominal/stretching/relaxation routine of my own design that lasts the length of the day's news--roughly twenty-five minutes.

The channel posts every Associated Press news story from the day in a number of categories--from National News to Technology. The headlines stay up for five seconds and then move on to the next, accompanied by some fun map techniques. The music is ultra-soothing, too. Perfect for an exercise/cooldown setting. Never have I been so well-informed. I can tell you how long Paris Hilton has been in prison, when Roger Clemens expects to start playing, and who just got executed in Texas. That's right. All the important stuff.

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