Thursday, April 05, 2007

That Was The Best Article Ever!

Justin has posted a new article at Progressive Boink that is all sorts of amazing. It's called "That Was The Worst Sleepover Ever!" and it's a bit of creative nonfiction that continues to knock me off my feet.

I wrote a long-winded item about how much I love this article, but it's on my MySpace Blog. I use my MySpace blog for my more "personal" info. Here is an excerpt of my own thoughts.
There's nothing edgy or obnoxious about this piece. It's a series of observations about a simple situation, and the real craft here is in the writing. Taking the mundane and making it special: it's a technique that's sort of Wordsworthian, sort of Progressiveboinkian, but it's the exact thing I aspire to in my own fiction.
Parts 1-5 are up now, and there's more to come!

Sometimes I feel like making "content" and sometimes I don't. As such, there's a distinct possibility that my "personal" blog will start getting posted here. Eff y'all for judgin' me.

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Justin said...

hey spoodles. thanks for the kind words ;D