Thursday, March 29, 2007

Six-Word Reviews

I'm just about graduated from college, and I'll never be looking back. I'm slacking. I'm slacking at school work, and I'm slacking at this website. Here are a bunch of six-word reviews of things that I've seen/played/read/done this week.


Casino Royale (2006):
Still the best Bond movie ever.
Belle & Sebastian: Fans Only (2004): Insightful look into a happy-ass band.
The Smiths: The Complete Picture (1992): Made me feel gay, but good.
Uncle Saddam (2003): A joke documentary with little humor.
Morrissey: Oye Esteban (2000): A testament to a pop genius.
Morrissey: Who Put the M in Manchester? (2005): Awe inspiring live performance, partially shirtless.
The Bourne Identity (2002): Lost some luster after Casino Royale.
The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Enjoyable and better than the first.
Baghdad Bob (2003): Funny documentary about Iraqi Information Minister.


Trauma Center: Second Opinion (2006, Wii):
Good use of controls, boring story.
Wii Play (2007, Wii): Multiplayer fun with a free controller!
Snoodoku (2005, PC): Sudoku with brilliant interface, weird monsters.


The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox (2006):
Hilarious bathroom reading from Internet mainstay.


Literary reading by authors Silas Zobal and Catherine Dent:
Beautifully sad stories by married writers.


Marshmallow GREEN Peeps (March 2007):
Extremely soft and fresh--new color.
Marshmallow Peeps Snowmen (December 2006): Halfway stale, but softened in microwave.
Marshmallow Peeps Orange-Flavored Eggs (March 2007): An amazing flavor, like a Creamsicle.
Marshmallow Peeps Strawberry Hearts (February 2006): Not hard at all, but tasty.
Marshmallow Peeps Vanilla Hearts (February 2006): Not too different from regular Peeps.


Survivor (Thursday 3-22-07): Rocky says the word--Anthony's gone.
Scrubs (Thursday 3-22-07): Nurse Roberts? Say it ain't so!
Andy Barker, PI (Thursday 3-22-07): After weak premiere, episode shows promise.
The Amazing Race (Sunday 3-25-07): Ugh! Midget in first; elderly gone.
Prison Break (Monday 3-26-07): Tension ratcheting up; season finale near.
24 (Monday 3-26-07): Mentally retarded terrorist? A new low.
Lost (Wednesday 3-28-07): Paolo's death was worth the wait.
South Park (Wednesday 3-28-07): 24 parody outdoes the real 24.

Hope that was as enlightening for you as it was time-killing for me.


Review the World said...

i for one loved it..

Spoodles said...

Well thank you kindly!