Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gummy Rabbit: the other white meat

My previous run-in with gummies--the dreaded Wolfgang's Gummy Bears--was slightly less than palatable, so I was eager to get my teef' on some real and tasty gummy treats. I cracked open another bag from the same era (April 2006--a very good vintage). Will they be as terrifying?

The product of the day is a bulk candy product. They are Gummy Bunnies, and they were procured at Weaver Nut Co., an Amish-run company in Ephrata, Pennsylvania (which also happens to be home to a fabulous bakery--try their whoopie pies)..

FAST FOOD FACTS! Serving size: 7 bunnies. Calories: 130. Fat: 0g. The ingredients are not listed on my package, but I would imagine there is gelatin in these, making them a poor option for the smart vegan shopper.

I'm not certain how accurate this nutritional label is. The similarly sized Wolfgang Gummy Bears were a whole lot less in the calorie department. Then again, the Wolfgang Gummy Bears sucked balls.

These gummies come in what seems to be two different shapes--a floppy-eared bunny and a straight-eared bunny. They are soft and aesthetically pleasing (take THAT, Wolfgang!). But are they tasty?

There are six different colors. Green, orange, blue, white, yellow, and purple. There seemed to me to be some differences in flavor, but not enough to actually tell which flavor is which. If I had to guess, I would say the following: Green is apple, orange is orange, blue is blueberry, white is pineapple, yellow is lemon, and purple is grape. The only flavor distinctive enough to know for sure was the pineapple, which was a bit stronger.

That's not to say they're bad. Just hard to differentiate. The general flavor seems to be "fruity" and I can deal with that. They're not so tough that you can't comfortably chew them. They're not the greatest gummies I've ever tasted (what was I expecting with bulk candy?) but they certainly were tasty.

LINKS: Weaver Nut Co.


T-bone said...

I don't like gummies, unless they're the sour kind. Include that in your next gummi taste test.

Brian said...

you've got to try some gummi worms next..