Friday, December 22, 2006

Watch out for that icy patch

December 22

While making cookies topped with sprinkles, Piglet's eyes are bright with twinkles.

The Muppets: We Need A Little Christmas
The Muppets: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

A Muppet Family Christmas is the third greatest Christmas special of all time (stay tuned for numbers two and one). There are several other specials involving the various groups--The Muppet Christmas Carol, any number of made-for-television Muppets shows, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. However, they all come together for this show! The Muppets! Sesame Street! Fraggle Rock! All of these classic character converge on Fozzie Bear's childhood home, imposing on his mother and delighting the snowman that lives in the yard. Even Jim Henson himself comes to the party.

These songs are wonderful. There is also a medley at the end that is heart-warming to the max, but the DVD mangles it due to music-rights issues. Alas. Some day!

Wokka wokka wokka!

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Anonymous said...

i've spent my first hour on "break" playing halo with the boy and listening to your suggested xmas songs. i'm all sorts of merry now. do you like the song "christmas at the zoo" by the flaming lips? i think you would dig it, mister.

it makes me muchos happy and full of christmas cheer.

ooh, and "the river" by joni mitchell.