Sunday, December 17, 2006

The insomnia and the anxiety kids get from having to wait

December 17

Christmas books are fun to share all curled up in a cozy chair.

Garfield: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Garfield: Can't Wait Til Christmas

If A Charlie Brown Christmas is my holiday classic, and if the Muppets are the stars of all my sentimental favorites, Garfield is the underdog. Every time I pop in A Garfield Christmas Special, I never seem to be expecting much. I associate the cartoon too much with the newspaper comic strip, which has become a mockery of its former self. And yet, every time I watch it, I'm moved by the sentiment of it all. Garfield's television efforts have all been fairly solid, and his holiday specials--especially his Halloween show, but all of them--are really fantastic. So pick up the Garfield Holiday DVD if you get the chance.

These are my personal-rips from the DVD, complete with not-wonderful sound quality. Still, it's probably the only place you'll find the files, so enjoy it and clean it up yo'self.

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Sami said...

Oh man, this one gets a big fat sunglasses smiley.