Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eight dancing midgets!

December 13

A letter to Santa might help him remember the toys he should bring on his trip in December.

Cast of Twin Peaks: The Twelve Days of Christmas

To those of you who have watched the classic television series Twin Peaks: you're in for a treat. To those of you who haven't: don't worry. We're as confused about the whole thing as the rest of you.

Agent Cooper, Pete, Bobby, Lucy, and even Killer BOB get in on the holiday spirit, counting down such iconic gifts as percolated fish and talking logs.

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present

My brother tried to show me Twin Peaks when I was in fourth grade, but I didn't make it very far. The murderous nature of the plot coupled with David Lynch's astonishing style frightened the shit out of me, and I quit shortly after Cooper's first dream.

The first time I watched Twin Peaks the whole way through was over a Christmas break from elementary school. While other kids in the neighborhood were busy sledding or playing capture the flag in the snow, I was busy conquering my fears and solving the murder of Laura Palmer. Aside from the song above, there is nothing Christmassy about Twin Peaks, but ever since I finished the series in that marathon sprint, I've associated Twin Peaks with Christmas. I later introduced the series to my first girlfriend on a Christmas whim, and that was the only other time I had finished the entire series. If all comes to fruition, I may cap off another viewing marathon this December or January.

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