Friday, May 12, 2006

This mission just got a whole lot more impossibler

Part of me wanted to hate Mission: Impossible 3. Tom Cruise is a whack job (you'll notice that I don't dignify "Tomkat," scientology, or any other such Tom-foolery with posts on this site).

The other part of me wanted to love it. Director JJ Abrams is also the director/creator of Alias and Lost, two of my favorite all-time shows.

I'm pleased to say, I guess, that the latter half of me won out. M:I3 was entertaining as all get-out. It doesn't hurt that the flashback structure is very Alias-esque. With his script and directing style, Abrams brought some things to the table that I thought were sorely missing from the first movies (the second one especially): Ethan Hunt has a personal life now. It really works; it furthers the plot; the movie is good. There is humor, both subtle and laugh-out-loud funny.

Also, unlike M:I2, the latex mask thing wasn't used as a crutch...much.

This post sucked, but I went an entire day without a post. Here is the obligatory Friday post (and the obligatory Final Post Ever to Mention Tom Cruise).


JessAstroBase said...

I love Lost!

this movie was lame, why do people try for some kind of trilogy when only the first one was actually good and did make lots of money.

i remember this one final scene where he jumps from building to building, and has to go inside and steal something...then it just SKIPS and somehow he got it?!?! i kept wondering, all right i'm trying to really believe all this madness, and then you dont even try to show me what he did inside to get this thing? then i went back to thinking about what i was gonna do after the movie.

anyways, arent you excited Lost is back next month! finally!

Spoodles said...

Looking back, this may be one of my two favorite action/adventure movies of last year (the other being Pirates 2). I like it better than Superman in hindsight, even.

I like the fact that it skipped the action inside the building. Sneaking-around scenes are boring, and at a point that late in the movie it would have slowed the directorial pacing down to a crawl. It probably would also have tread familiar ground, as we got the "secret item stealing" scene in the first M:I.

Also, I have to defend the series. This one makes no claims to be a "trilogy." Each one of the movies is a self-contained piece with entirely different directors and styles. I would liken it more to the Bond series, where it's more a "The Further Adventures of Ethan Hunt" than a clear development.

And yeah, I'm geekily awaiting Lost.