Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nomination for "No Shit!" news of the week

I'm not even going to twist this one around. This is the actual byline from a article.
  • When it comes to buying cars, people with millions in the bank really aren't like the rest of us.

Take a deep breath and let's all say it together. No shit! Shocker, isn't it? I know how I go car shopping, and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Moneybags wouldn't be as leniant as I was with things such as "Door held shut with duct tape" and "Fan belt replaced with studded, Nightmare-Before-Christmas belt from Hot Topic."

In fact, I've always assumed that Mr. Moneybags doesn't even go car shopping; he flies around in a helicopter made of virgins and freshly-panned gold nuggets.

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