Friday, April 07, 2006

Indonesia officially no fun.

CNN is reporting that Indonesians hate boobies.
  • A toned-down edition of Playboy magazine went on sale Friday in Indonesia, defying threats of protests by Islamic hardliners who called the publication a form of moral terrorism in the world's most populous Muslim nation. The magazine does not feature nude women, and its photos of female models in underwear are no more risque than those in other magazines already for sale in the country.
Only time will tell, I suppose, if people actually will read Playboy "only for the articles."

The old saying rings true. "Give Indonesia an inch and they'll take a mile." Yeah. That's an old saying. Anyway, in increased efforts to suck the fun out of life, Indonesia is demanding the following changes to other international magazines.
  • Rolling Stone may no longer cover music that includes the guitar, which is an instrument of aural terrorism.
  • Highlights for Children must now be targeted at adults 25 and older (because the find-these-items-in-the-picture puzzles are considered too stimulating for younger readers).
  • Wired magazine may no longer include reference to electronics, as the plug-and-socket system is deemed pornographic.

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