Monday, October 24, 2005

Where The Fuck Is Waldo? Day 1: The Reckoning

Also known as: Waldo Goes On A Deep Sea Adventure!

Stepping out of his abode at the foot of the cragged hill, Waldo came upon a lake of some magnitude. Feeling the same adventuresome spirit that had made him want to leave home and explore all those seconds ago, Waldo rashly and bravely jumped into the lake.

"Well, this certainly is something."

"Well," Waldo proclaimed as his feet hit the rocky bottom. "This certainly is something." Suddenly, a great purple behemoth of a fish began circling Waldo's head.


"Shit." Waldo Wallington was in what we would call a pickle, and he had only left his hovel mere minutes beforehand. What would Waldo do?

A bright idea.

Waldo had an idea! He would simply climb out of the tank along the odd, multicolored vine that grew from the ground. Upon his escape, Waldo wandered through the woods for forty days and forty nights. On the fortieth night, Waldo came to a clearing. He saw the most amazing sight! "Gadzooks," Waldo shouted.


What did Waldo see? What will happen? How will he clean up his pants? Where the fuck is Waldo? All this and more, tomorrow, on the same damn channel at the same damn time. Damn.

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