Tuesday, September 20, 2005


As one might have surmised from a story I'd written recently, I like to torture myself by looking at food I can't eat. And, of course, donuts are primary in that long list of foods.

The official website for Dunkin Donuts does not suit my needs. The damn site, named after a donut facility, remains almost entirely donut-free. It focuses on coffee. COFFEE. If I wanted coffee, I'd go to Starbucks.com (which oddly enough features more music than coffee nowadays).

But, there is a savior and its name is Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme is all about the fattening orbs of fried dough, dripping with glaze and creme and sprinkles and afsj;ddlskglksdipore

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Caramel Kreme Crunch donut, which for all intents and purposes of the Krispy Kreme corporation should have been called the Karamel Kreme Krunch.

You may be asking, "Mike, what does this have to do with Halloween?"

Nothing, asshole. But look at that donut.

In fact, I may cut Halloween content to Linkdump-only status for the most part, because I find that any movies/candy/costumes I could review probably have been reviewed elsewhere (and better). For instance, I'll direct you to reviews of all of the Friday The 13th movies, which I originally planned on reviewing. But eff that. Still feeling the spirit, but also bogged down with schoolwork.

With that said, I have a mighty Linkdump to take, all over your faces.

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