Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bello Sule: The Return!

My good friend Bello Sule decided to get back in touch with me. (See earlier post).

Am a little bit relief on me that finally the relations of late [SPOODLES] has been found.
You need my advice in order to retrieve the fund from the security firm where your uncle deposited the fund because without my advice mistake my come up and you may stand the chance of loosing the money.
The first step we should take is to secure the paper work in your favour from the federal ministry of justice which will make the security firm to recognise you as the next-of-kin to [SPOODLES] whose soul will rest in perfect peace.
The information you will be sending are below:-
1) the address of yours
2) your personal company name and address if any
3) your direct phone and fax numbers.
The above details are very important so, I advice you send it down to me so that I can start the process by applying for the documents and the outcome will be communicated across to you immediately I apply and I will call you on your phone number also.
Your urgent reply will be appreciated.
Barrister Bello Sule

And a response

Dear Barrister Bello Sule,
Thank you for getting in contact with me again regarding my late uncle's riches in cash money. Believe you me, I'm as relieved as you to receive word about my uncle, my aunt, and my cousin. In fact, I told my whole family about what happened. While we are saddened to see Michael, Margaret, and Jennifer confirmed as dead, after three and a half years we had already expected their deaths to be the ultimate conclusion. Any more information you could send me about their passing would be much appreciated.
Discussing this with my family, most of us have decided that it would be both wrong and bad, wrong and bad indeed, to allow the Diplomatic Security Company to squander the money that legally belongs to us, via the tenuous relations of said hypothetical and theoretical uncle. Other members of my family, namely my parents, refuse to believe that this is real and think it's some sort of e-mail scam. Therefore, we should probably commence with the paperwork that is so desperately needed.
1) My address
312 Gove Street
Lancaster, PA 17604
2) My personal business company name and address if any
I don't personally own the company--that right belongs to my rich parents. However, I can supply that information later on if it will provide useful.
3) My direct phone and fax numbers
Unfortunately, due to some monetary obligations with the telephone company, my phone and fax service is not available. This is why I need my uncle's pirate riches so much!
I hope this information is helpful in your quest to enter my bank account and give me lots and lots of money.

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